After breakfast check out from the hotel & drive to airport to board fight 9W 7024 at 0820 hrs for Mumbai.

Bombay (as it was called earlier) was once a group of seven islands whose inhabitants, the Kolis, have given the city its Indian name, MUMBAI, after their goddess, Mother Mumbai. Bombay is a city of paradoxes: renowned as the country’s financial nerve center, it is an important center of theatre, art, music and classical dance.

Today the cosmopolitan population of the city consists of people from all over the country. It is center of industry, commerce and foreign trade, a city of skyscrapers and huts (a result of too quick growth and inadequate accommodation), a city of milling crowds and vitality, a city on the move.

A city steeped in tradition, and a rich historical past, it is yet a city where contemporary scientific and business practices flourish. A vibrant, colorful and busy metropolis, Bombay is the premier city in western India.

On arrival check in at the hotel.

Overnight in Mumbai.

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